What words are there that could even begin to explain the magic that was this weekend? From lobby meetings in the Capitol Building to Fourth Estate reunions at Busboys and Poets, early morning wake-ups, seeing some of the people I love most in this world for the first time in months, hearing the ever-inspirational Sean Stephenson speak, a global summit on the LRA with representatives from Uganda, South Sudan, Central African Republic, the African Union, the International Criminal Court, the European Union, the United Nations and the USA… to marching with thousands of people who all believe in the end of this war, hearing Gary Haugen speak, dance parties to Taylor Swift at the National Monument, group filming, dinner with Fourth Estaters, and finally… dancing the night away with my favourite people.

This weekend was a serious mountaintop experience filled with refreshing joy. My heart is full, my spirit is lifted, and my emotions are on overdrive… this weekend, we moved, thousands of unique stories collided in perfect harmony to fight for something bigger than all of us. Magic. Pure magic. Thank you to everyone who made it happen, I love you.

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